Renewable Energy

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For those who worry about the stinky polluting coal driven power stations may find some relief in checking the statement made with the following picture. 

One reader wrote:  People argue that the Electricity produced also causes pollution. True. But not in the city. Out in the countryside where the environment can cope.

Wind Farm
While homeowners are more familiar with photovoltaic solar panels, large-scale wind power is an increasingly important part of the growth in renewable energy.

For the first time, the total installed capacity of wind energy in Europe now exceeds the total output of electric powerplants fueled with coal.

Europe's total coal generating capability now stands at 152 gigawatts, and will almost surely fall further in coming years as countries work to reduce the greenhouse-gas emissions of the generating sector. 

While it can be hard to generalize about grid mix in Europe as a whole, Germany, the U.K., and much of Eastern Europe carry a legacy of largely coal-fired generation due to their natural deposits of the fossil fuel.

Germany has led the switch to renewable energy over the last decade, although France points to its nuclear power—which provides more than half the nation's electricity—as another low-carbon technology.

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More solar-generating capacity was added last year than either natural gas or wind, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. A study by investment bank and research firm Lazard found that utility-scale solar has now become the single cheapest form of unsubsidized electricity... Source