The question a couple of years back was; Buy a petrol (Gas) engine or diesel. Most of us settled on the more expensive diesel engine just because of the mpg. Then came the Turbo diesel which knocked spots off the guzzling petrol (gas) engine. Now we have the smaller petrol (gas) Turbo engine with more power and supposedly a  higher mpg. But definitely less polluting gasses. 

It seems diesel engines are out of fashion in many countries and with the threat hanging over diesel drivers or maybe higher costs, many have turned to the smaller turbo petrol (gas) engines hoping for higher mpg.

What the outcome will be for the poor motorist one can only imagine at this stage. Possibly the governments themselves have not yet come up with a plan.

One of my contributors wrote about his families new Vauxhall Zafira  with a 1.4 ltr Turbo petrol (gas) engine. The dealer told him that around town he'd get 30 mpg but overall around 40 mpg plus. His experience is 26 mpg in town and 32 max on British Motorways. It doesn't matter if he drives like a sweet little older lady or like a bat-out-of-hell. It only alters the mpg by 1 for every gallon. He said that the engine is sweet and acceleration if needed is there. But the mpg makes him leave his car at home and walks or gets a bus. Only uses the car when the family can go together.  - Malco